Greenhaven Road Capital doesn’t want to own the same ideas and get the same returns as everyone else in the market. 

We carefully cultivate the unusual to create a lasting, uncommon portfolio. 


Across industries, capitalizations, and geographies, Greenhaven Road Capital accesses a wide universe, with a bias towards business services, technology, and consumer/retail.  Generally avoiding commodity-based companies, we look for businesses with strong cash flow, normalized earnings, and long term growth horizons.  At the same time, we’re also uncovering opportunities in areas no one else thought to look, unearthing companies with outstanding potential.

We apply the diligence and mental framework used in private equity, and the knowledge of a successful business operations team, curating exclusive, asymmetric returns, and fundamental value. 

This just in, you cannot take the same actions as everyone else and expect to outperform.
— Howard Marks