Greenhaven Road returns have been in the top 10% of hedge funds. We have outperformed hedge fund indices, the Russell 2000 and the S&P 500.

If you are an accredited investor, we would love to discuss both our returns and how they were achieved. To learn more about the types of investments the fund makes and the overall philosophy – please read some of our investor letters.


As shown in the table to the right, $100,000 earning 5% net of all fees and expenses over 30 years will grow into $432,194. That same starting amount earning 10% would not grow to be just twice as large, but more than four times as large.

A plethora of research has long shown small hedge fund managers outperform their large counterparts over the long term and performance matters over the long term.

Annual Rate of Return
After 30 Years


0% → $100,000

5% → $432,194

10% → $1,744,940

15% → $6,621,177

20% → $23,373,631